Tuckerbilt® T-630 Service Manuals get acro

  1. Parts Manual for T-630's with JCB Tier III Engines. 

  2. Manual for T-630's with Perkins 1104D Tier III Engines Beginning Serial 07355

  3. Manual for T-630's with Cat/Perkins Tier II Engines

  4. Manual for T-630's beginning with serial # 04278 (7 meg pdf.  Large File, 4-5 minutes download on Cable)  For prior items, print the pages below that are necessary.

  5. CAT 3054C, Arrangement 231-0178 - Perkins Part Number Equivalents

  6. Aeroquip Hose Listing & Placement for T-630's with O'Ring Seal hoses

  7. Charlynn Steering Valve replacement for Ross Steering Valve

  8. T-630 Hydraulic Manifold

  9. Front Drive - Rear Housing                   
    rear auger assy

  10. Front Drive - Front Assy
    front auger assy

  11. Turntable       
    upper tt

  12. Rear Auger Drive 
    auger dwg

  13. John Deere Safety Shutdown  
    deere shut

  14. John Deere Safety Shutdown: Prior to Tier II Electronic Engines

  15. Detroit Safety Shutdown (PDF)

  16. Tier II Wiring Diagram Starting T-630 Serial 04272

  17. Tier II Wiring Diagram Starting T-630 Serial 03257

  18. T-630 Auxiliary Hydraulic Schematic with Ross Steering Valve

  19. T-630 Auxiliary Hydraulic Schematic with Charlynn Steering

  20. Hydraulic 2-Speed Sunstrand Circuit with Fairfield Hubs

  21. Hydraulic 2-Speed Sunstrand Circuit with Auburn Gear Hubs

  22. Air Line Schematic
    630 Airline

  23. Lift Swing Universal

    lift swing universal

  24. Articulate Pin Top
    articulate kit top

  25. Articulate Pin Bottom
    articulate kit bottom

  26. Articulate Pin Extract Kit
    articulate pine extract kit

  27. Throttle Cylinder, etc.
    throttle cylinder

  28. Chute Cover Doors

  29. Pin Kit for Hopper to Turntable with Installation Alignment Tool  -  Pin Kit without Installation Tool

  30. Cab Enclosure Parts

  31. Chute Kit

  32. Fairfield W7B11Z358 Torque Hub Components

  33. Auburn Gear Power Wheel Hub

  34. Funk Parts (John Deere - Sunstrand)

  35. Front Axle Parts

  36. Filters (PDF)

  37. Spout Valve Parts:

  38. Air Filter Components (John Deere)

  39. Air Filter Components (Detroit)  (pdf)

  40. Funk Gear Divider (pdf)

  41. T-630 Labels

Specifications, descriptions and illustrative materials are as accurate as known.  They are subject to change without notice.